Your Safe way into Europe

Europe is an attractive market with its >500 million consumers. ECL offers a European platform for supply chains in the specialty chemical sector (packed chemicals). The partners in the several European countries are all specialists in their specific regions and this European infrastructure guarantees tailor made solutions for your presence in the European market. High quality and safety standards for every aspect in the operation, be it chemical warehousing, transport and distribution, value added services or customs requirements. It is all available in each relevant country to start or optimize your European operation. Our mission is to offer you the best integrated solution for your European business in each specific market you are serving.

By selecting ECL you create a flexible supply chain for your European business, covering your logistics requirements with local partners in each European country, organized in a network with one approach and one tone of voice.

The advantages of the ECL network in brief:

  • Full supply chain management
  • Full European coverage
  • Knowledge and know-how of current local legislation and regulations
  • State-of-the-art facilities and information systems
  • Financial and fiscal support
  • Maximum safety and top reliability
  • Short delivery times to market